Microsoft Releases Xbox One Preview App To Get Direct Feedback From The Fans

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

Microsoft has released a new Xbox One preview app that allows the console users to give direct feedback to the company without bothering themselves with forums.

Microsoft also provided details on what this Xbox One preview app will be able to accomplish.

First of all, you will have to register your console to the Xbox preview program and after that, you will be able to report any issues and provide feedback to the company via this new app.

If you change your mind about it, there is an option to leave the preview program as well. This app will give you latest announcements of what is happening with the upcoming update and how it will change things upon its release.

There will also be quick polls, where Microsoft will ask users about the recent update or games just to see where the players’ interests are exactly.

App will also feature surveys, which will allow Xbox One users to provide complete detail about their experience with the latest update.

Finally, Xbox One preview app will introduce Xbox Quests, which will let you try out new features that will be part of the upcoming update.

There will two kinds of quests – Featured Quests will stay available for you to try throughout the entire preview time, while Special Quests will be available for a limited time.

Microsoft has started to roll out this new Xbox One preview app and you will be getting it soon on your console.

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