League of Legends Public Chat Rooms Being Shut Down for Improvements

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

Riot employee Metasystem announced yesterday that the company is shutting down public chat rooms of its popular MOBA, League of Legends. The chat rooms will stay closed until further notice while the development team works on improving them.

Metasystem mentioned that the default 4 chat rooms can only house a limited number of players at a time and the LoL community keeps growing. With the countless number of scammers and RP sellers in chat rooms, there just isn’t enough room left for people who actually love to play the game.

This situation forces users to create their own private chat rooms where while the experience is better than public rooms, there is no moderation and Riot is looking to provide tools to address toxic behavior.

While the public chat rooms are closed, the private ones and messaging system will still continue to function just like they normally do.

Riot is looking to make public chat rooms a social hub for all those who enjoy playing the game. The chat rooms should be able to serve various purposes such as mentoring, discussing strategies or simply finding good players for your match.

The developers are also seeking feedback from the community in order to ensure they deliver exactly what the players expect from chat rooms in order to build a better community.

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