Kabam to Bring Lord of the Rings and Mad Max Games to Mobiles

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

Do you like Lord of the Rings games? A lot? Well, if you do and if you have similar feelings for Mad Max games, you’re about to get some of them on your handheld so that you can kill time with them when and where you want.

Kabam has announced that they have struck a deal with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and will be publishing mobile titles from some of their owned franchises like The Lord of the Rings and Mad Max.

Kabam is actually an interactive entertainment company itself that has been publishing and developing games since 2006. Most of their known games are massively multiplayer titles for social platforms. You may know Realm of the Mad God, The Hobbit: Kingdom of Middle-Earth and Kingdoms of Camelot among their titles.

Out of the famed ones, The Hobbit: Kingdom of Middle-Earth has been the most recent. The game is a free to play title that has been a fair success. It grossed up to $100 million in the year of its release. Also, it was another example of their partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

In the announcement, Kabam’s chief operating officer Kent Wakeford talked about the bright prospect of making games like these saying that ‘marquee brands like The Lord of the Rings and Mad Max are perfect for the deeply immersive and fun mobile games we create.’

We don’t currently know what titles will they be making in the series but what we do know is that more will be coming from Kabam with regards to Mad Max and The Lord of the Rings series.

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