Guild Wars 2 Living Story Season 2 Launched, Adds A New Region And More Content

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

The second season of Guild Wars 2’s Living World story launched yesterday with the first episode, Gates of Maguuma. While typical to all the Living Story updates, the first episode adds only a few hours of story content, but all the side activities more than make up for it.

The update adds a new region to the game between Brisban Wildlands and Maguuma Wastes.

Known as Dry Top, the area has attracted Inquest forces due to recent disturbances and the crash of Zephyrites’ airships. Players as well as the usual gang of Marjory, Kasmeer, Braham, Rox, and Taimi and Scruffy are sent to investigate.

The update also adds new achievements to the game related to the new region as well as the story-related ones. For a new challenging set of achievements, players will have to first complete the story.

The update also marks the launch of the revamped Story Journal. Players will now be able to access previously played Living Story episodes from their journal as well as a switch between their Personal Story and Living World story.

If the player misses an episode, it can later be unlocked from the gem store for a small fee.

The new update also brings with it a new crafting material Ambrite as well as new Ascended equipment pieces, a new Shadow Assassin outfit in gem store. Various bug fixes and class tweaks also follow which can be seen in detail here.

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