Goldberg Won’t Star in WWE 2K15, WCW Mode Might Not Come as Well

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

We have been hearing rumors that the ass kicking fire breathing WCW rivalry might get revived in WWE 2K15 through a WCW Mode. However, there has been a development that diminishes the chances of anything like that. Goldberg has confirmed that he will not be featured in the game.

What has this got to do with the WCW Mode? Well, if you have been a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment since the 1990’s you would know that there was a time when WCW and WWE were archrivals who competed for ratings in terms of Monday Night War.

Back in those days, Goldberg and Sting were two names that raised the crowds to their feet amidst the rivalry. Although none of these two names were confirmed by 2K Games for WWE 2K15, their inclusion was heavily rumored. That was another reason why people expected to see a WCW Mode in the game.

However, recently Goldberg was asked over his official Twitter account whether he will be featured in the upcoming wrestling game. His reply was quite a bit of a downer for almost all the fans.

There even are people who claimed that they won’t even buy a wrestling game that doesn’t have Goldberg in it. Ah, the shame.

Anyhow, looking at how both of these two wrestlers were, in a way, the soul of the whole WCW and WWE rivalry scene. A mode based on the same without either one of them wouldn’t make sense.

Have you been hoping to relive the WCW era in WWE 2K15? Would you still be content with the game without getting it?

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