War Game Glory of Generals Gets 3DS Gameplay Trailer

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

Publisher Circle Entertainment released a short gameplay clip for their latest Nintendo 3DS project, Glory of Generals. It will once more go for a classic turn-based strategy game.

In Glory of Generals, players command an army through a large set of missions. In total, there are 64 campaigns that take place during World War II, which will be fought across several locations.

Gameplay snippets show missions that are visible on a drawn map before the start, with the respective countries, generals and their entry points. Moreover, the difference in environment might lead to different battles.

We can see some fights being mostly done on land, where tanks and infantry take up most of the hex-tiled map. On sea, however, combat is fought by a fleet of ships, with possible air support.

A map on the top of the 3DS displays what units are stationed where, along with different tiles for water, forests and so on.

Moreover, different troops will have their own way to deal with terrain. For instance, big tanks are slow across mountains, while infantry can set up defensive buildings.

Glory of Generals boasts 102 generals, known from history. It’s possible to find Eisenhower, Patton, Rommel and more.

Circle Entertainment certainly seems to have taken a liking to this traditional turn-based war game thing. Previously, the company released World Conqueror 3D and European Conqueror 3D on Nintendo 3DS, which both felt quite similar to this.

You’ll be able to snap up Glory of Generals on the North American 3DS eShop this week, on July 3. As always, Circle games come out later for the European version.

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