DualShock 4 Can Now be Connected to PS3 Wirelessly

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

PlayStation 3 users who were totally in love with the DualShock 4 used by PlayStation 4 but were skeptical of using it due to the fact that it needed a constant wired connection to use on the older console can rejoice!

It seems one of the recent PS3 firmware updates allows the controller to be used wirelessly on PS3, although it isn’t recognized as an official Sony controller, but it still is quite an improvement especially for those who had their couch far away from their console.

The process of connecting the DS4 seems to be pretty simple, just like one would connect any Bluetooth device.

Connect the DS4 to the console, start a Bluetooth device scan from Accessory settings, disconnect DS4, hold the PS & Share buttons while scanning and plug the controller back in once the light starts flashing.

Voila! You are done. Easy right? Although since it is recognized as a generic gamepad, things like PS button, vibration and Sixaxis functions will not work.

Let’s hope some more support is added to this wireless connectivity until it works with full DS4 features.

The DualShock4 controller is a superior product there is no arguing that so it is only natural that Sony will allow users of its older generation console to have a small glimpse of the controllers capabilities to lure them over to new generation.

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