Dragon Age Inquisition Will Allow Players To Enter Most Buildings

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

Some more exciting Dragon Age: Inquisition details have emerged over the past few days including new characters Solas and Dorian from official press releases as well as information from Twitter and official forums.

Answering some questions on Twitter, Mark Darrah, the executive producer of Dragon Age: Inquisition, confirmed that players can interact with doors and “most” buildings in the game can be entered by players and their companions, although maybe not as many as Skyrim as many players were hoping.

Talking on the forums, Matt Rhodes, associate art director at Bioware explained how in most RPGs most of the character models look and act the same when stripped down to their base but how that would not be the case in Inquisition.

Rhodes explains how these days most developers tend to play it safe and tend to keep the character models similar and “trim away a characters humanizing flaws and oddities”.

To give the characters identities which set them apart from others but not just their clothes and hairstyles, the developers followed a very calculated approach, giving the characters a whole new side and personalities.

The developers wanted the characters in the game to feel perfect in an imperfect way with many flaws just as a normal human being would have since what better way to relate to a game character than not only their good side but also the bad one right?

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