DayZ Standalone Patch Brings a Ton of Fixes and New Maps

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

Weighing in just over 700MB, the latest patch for DayZ Standalone was released earlier today to the smiling faces of fans.

The latest update includes a lot of new features, as well as a number of fixes to previously reported game issues. Bohemia Interactive has cured the animations for leather backpack crafting, breaking apart backpacks, meat duplication and eating meat from the fireplace, painting the 75AKM drum magazine, etc.

Other fixed animations include gestures for poses, jump, vault, arming two hands, drinking, surrendering, vomiting, etc. The developer has also smoothed out animations for zombie attacks as well.

As for the new stuff, the latest update adds MP5 with magazines and military Pilotka side caps. The maps Karmanovka and Novodmitrovsk are added, where the latter have the Industrial and Tenement areas added. The Dobroe village, as well as new administrative buildings also grace the game in the update.

In the items department players would be happy to know that Bohemia has brought in Flashbangs and hand grenades. The bow gets a new sound file upon usage and two color variations have been added for the ZSh3 helmet.

The update also brings plenty of security improvements to the game.

There are still a lot of issues left to fix in DayZ and is going to take a number of additional patches to fix everything up. Previously Bohemia Interactive promised that ragdoll physics were on the way. While they are not included in this patch, we can assume them to be inbound in the next one.

Source: DayZ

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