CS: GO Operation Breakout Adds Six New Maps to Game’s Servers

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

Valve has selected the six most popular community-made maps to grace its Counter Strike: Global Offensive servers. Dubbed as Operation Breakout, all six maps are available in Casual, Deathmatch, and Competitive Modes until Oct. 2, 2014.

Working exactly like previous operations, interested players will pay $5.99 to access Operation Breakout’s six maps along with a bunch of other rewards. And most importantly, a fixed chunk of your $5.99 will go to the original creators.

Here’s a brief overview off all six maps included in Operation Breakout:

Created by: Invalid Nick
Players will experience vertical combat in close quarters on a rainy night on a mountaintop Radar Station

Created by: Invalid Nick
Situated in the surroundings of a jungle, this widely open map encourages short to long engagements with dangerous checkpoints and quick rotations

Created by: Yanzl
This map takes the battle to an ancient castle built on the side of a mountain. The map will encourage nighttime engagements as terrorists will try to blow up this historical castle

Created by: Oskmos
Similar to Rush, this non-linear map revolves around a hostage rescue with Counter-Terrorists choosing from a variety of spawns and Terrorists maneuvering open locations to defend the attack and their hostage

Created by: Holiest Cow, az, and the Horse Strangler
Located on top of an oil-rig, Blackgold encourages tight close quarter combat with quick rotations and fast paced engagements

Created by: PSY
This rather junky shipyard is designed to encourage tactical warfare with loads of cover

Along with getting these maps, players will get to complete specific Challenges/Missions to get rewards like weapons, weapons camo, and more!

Furthermore, players will get their own Operation Journal which will rank them against their Friends and will only be visible to players.

For more details on CS: GO Operation Breakout, head over Counter Strike: Global Offensive blog.

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