Batman: Arkham Knight Builds on Allies and Lifestyle of Bruce Wayne

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

Rocksteady Studios will let loose the culminating installment in the Arkham series next year, but that doesn’t stop the fans to ask more questions about Batman: Arkham Knight and everything that it is about.

Dax Ginn, a producer for the game at Rocksteady was interviewed recently and in the foray of question he let out some juicy bits about the game regarding how it deals with Bruce Wayne and his allies.

First off, he was asked ‘how much Bruce Wayne we will be playing,’ but the aussie evaded and didn’t answer. Next up, he was asked how they were dealing with other characters in the game as well as the new characters – if any.

Ginn said that the developers at Rocksteady ‘delve deep in terms of characters and characterisation, because a Batman game isn’t complete with that sense of real depth in terms of the villains that you come up against, but also the allies and the support that Batman has.’

He specifically mentioned Commissioner Gordon, his daughter Barbara and the relationship that Bruce has with them. He said these things were integral when Batman goes to war.

What would happen if they started paying the price, he said. To me, these relationships look like the balancing weight that adds vulnerability to the otherwise powerful Batman.

Then, he was asked about new locations in the game and the answer told us about the penthouse at the top of Wayne Tower. Then he explained how they were entertaining the typical lifestyle of Batman in the game.

There will be a bar in the penthouse to coincide with his likes for entertaining, and many other little things that interpret Bruce Wayne’s personality.

The place where the Bat Pod goes and where he changes into his Bat Suit is also going to unveil a lot about his personality.

Batman: Arkham Knight is war. However, it has interesting elements of emotionalism – in terms of the people Batman cares about, and the feeling of acquaintance – in terms of the places where he lives and the kind of lifestyle he has. It is going to be an interesting mix.

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