Upcoming DayZ Changes Include New Engine, Improved Controls And More

By   /   Jul 1, 2014

Bohemia Interactive’s zombie survival DayZ is buggy and ancient looking and there is no denying that.

Though all that might change pretty soon according to creator Dean Hall in an interview with Gamespot.

With sales numbers over 2 million, the developers had to find a way to fix all the issues with the game real fast, provide players some incentive to keep on playing and introduce some new exciting content.

In the interview, Hall explains their plans for the future of the game.

The developers are giving the game a massive overhaul and moving to a new engine, possibly ARMA III’s to add Direct X 10 or 11 support to the game for better lightning, textures and an overall massive performance boost.

With the engine change, the team is also looking to change the servers to a 64bit architecture to better utilize the hardware and increased amount of RAM in order to improve the item and zombie spawns.

However, Dean still wants to keep item rarity in check and further improve it to function the same across all servers so there can be a fixed number of a specific item available in game across all the servers hosted.

With the new engine and Bohemia’s recent acquisition of Cabela’s Big Game Hunter developers, Dean and his team are looking to improve the hunting mechanics, have animals migrate to different regions as well as totally take out the clunky controls of ARMA II and introduce more fluid ones.

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