Shadow of Mordor: Here is a Detailed Look at the “Nemesis System”

By   /   Jul 1, 2014

Shadow of Mordor has gathered a huge fan-base for itself since its reveal in November last year and the game’s feature that has been getting a lot of attention is called the Nemesis System, which was discussed in detail at this year’s E3.

However, those of you, who just can’t get enough of this new feature would be glad to know that Monolith has shared almost 2 hours of gameplay footage focusing on this new feature of the game.

The video showcases three players playing the game but with different decisions, with each decision having its own consequences and impact on the game’s playthrough.

Moreover, you will see how every single encounter with a Uruk Captain will be remembered by him and upon meeting him for the next time, he will remind you of how the last face-off between you and him ended.

Previously, Monolith confirmed that each playthrough of the game will include different Uruk Captains, which means that every single playthrough will be different to the one you have played before.

This new feature in the upcoming action game looks awesome, but we will see how it plays out when Shadow of Mordor finally releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PC on 7th of October.

Does this video change your impression about the game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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