Second Major Update for “The Forest” is Now Live

By   /   Jul 1, 2014

Endnight Games’ first person survival horror The Forest received its second major update yesterday. The game’s pre-alpha available through Steam Early Access is now v0.03.

The update adds various new features to the game as well as fixing bugs and tweaking existing features. Among the tweaks, perhaps the most anticipated one would be the performance optimization making the game more stable and allowing users with less than 4GB usable memory to play the game.

The new features and tweaks added to the game include the option to turn off enemies for a somewhat peaceful experience, new buildable items like house boat, improved textures, shadows and lightning on various items.

New audio tracks have been added to the game as well improving the audio quality in caves, underwater sound filters and audible footsteps when walking on water.

Bug fixes include items missing from inventory upon first load, fixed collisions to prevent wall walking out of the plane, flare gun falling through yacht or ponds being covered in logs.

Full list of changes can be seen here.

The Forest, a PC exclusive, puts players in the shoes of the lone survivor of a plane crash deserted on an island who must survive the cannibalistic inhabitants of the area as well as nature itself. Scavenging, resource management and crafting plays a huge part in the game.

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