Someone has Completed Fallout 3 in Under 24 Minutes, Can You?

By   /   Jul 1, 2014

Speedrunning through a game, especially RPGs is becoming quite common these days. While most people tend to take the game slow, savor each and every bit of it, there are others who tend to end it in a mere 1-2 hours if not a couple of minutes.

One such speedrunner, BubblesDelFuego known for his Fallout 3 records currently holds the fastest completion of the game in the world. In his recent attempt, Bubbles managed to end the game, the percentage completion doesn’t matter, in an astounding 23 minutes and 55 seconds.

The previous record was of 24 minutes and 20 seconds, held by Bubbles himself. Some might wonder as to how someone could manage that time given the load times of the game and the number of NPCs with whom it is absolutely essential to converse with.

Well the simple answer to that is glitching. Speedrunners exploit various glitches in games, and that is what Bubbles does. Exploiting the loading glitch allows him to move while the game is loading and quick save followed by quick load skips the dialogues.

Of course there are other various glitches which can allow players to move through objects in the world which means one can easily run through an area where the enemies are too high level to encounter.

What are your thoughts about rushing through a game? Given the time developers spend on the project, do you think speedruns are a decent way to enjoy their work? Share your thoughts below.

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