Maxis Shares More Info About The Sims 4

By   /   Jul 1, 2014

Thanks to Maxis developers answering fan questions on their Twitter accounts, we now have some new nifty new information about The Sims 4.

Game Producer Sarah Holding revealed that your Sims this time around will vanish once they leave their homes for work. In contrast you could follow them around upon their departure in The Sims 3. She also revealed that players will not be able to increase the size of a home lot. However, they will be able to to pick up and move their house to a larger location if the need be.

Additionally content shared using the game’s Gallery will only be visible to those with a copy of the game.

Holding also commented that while there are currently no plans, it’s possible that The Sims 2’s Social Bunny or even Big Foot could find themselves added to the game in time.

On the topic of save files, she said, “You can have as many save files with the same world as you want. Or you can add new Sim families to an existing save file. Unique save files will be self contained, the data will not cross over.”

The question of modding support was presented to Game Engineer Trevor Lindsey, who said that she “doesn’t know much about modding” and that the game is using “python as the scripting language.”

The maximum height for houses in the game is still three stories but this could be changed in the future. I suspect DLC planning here. The game will randomly decide if your Sim is left or right handed. The game will have no cats, dogs or horses in the game.

Yesterday it was stressed by Maxis that paying utility bills is going to be very important in the game. Without that players can find themselves without power or water.

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