Lords of the Fallen Class System, World and Weapon System Detailed

By   /   Jul 1, 2014

Courtesy of PlayStation Access, we have a ton of details regarding Lords of the Fallen Class System, Weapons, and the game’s world.

Speaking of the game’s world, the developer stated that there are three basic worlds [areas] with each having its own feel and mood. Furthermore, each world features a combination of open and closed environments:

Generally, it works like… the world of the game is… there are more of fragments of it and then sub-worlds, however, we call them. But when you open up a new area of the world of the game, the old one is never looked down [from you]. So, all the time it’s getting bigger and bigger.

Moreover, when players will get back to certain parts of the world [They had already explored], it’s highly likely that they will unlock certain new elements/area in that particular area, to encourage re-exploration.

Speaking of the Class System, the developer stated that the character development in the game revolves around three basic elements: Magic, Gear, and Attributes. Speaking of these elements, the developer stated:

Only one of them will be bound to your class: Warrior, Cleric, and Rouge. And each one of these classes has different types of magic because that’s what we wanted to manifest the playing style of players.

And finally coming to weapons, players will be able to find most of the weapons in pre-determined locations with some of them dropping from enemies. Furthermore, these weapons will scale with players’ characters and will have specific movesets and attributes.

Check out the complete interview provided above and let us know of your impressions!

Lords of the Fallen is currently in development for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game is scheduled to release somewhere in Q4 of 2014, but no solid release date is available.

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