League of Legends: Patch 4.11 Server Maintenance Takes Place on July 2 For 6 Hours

By   /   Jul 1, 2014

League of Legends servers will go down for maintenance on July 2 in order to make way for the upcoming Patch 4.11, Riot Games has announced.

On July 2 at 3:00 AM PST for NA, 5:00 GMT for EUW and 03:00 GMT, ranked queues in the game will be disabled, as the servers will be shut down. All games that will currently be in progress will end in a draw and the related stats will not be recorded.

According to Riot Games, the server maintenance will take up to six hours.

We’re not entirely sure what the new patch will contain. We do know that the Public Beta Realm recently got two new skins – Hazmat Heimerdinger and Soulstealer Vladimir. Additionally there’s a new Headhunter Caitlyn but from the looks of it she requires more work and hence is unlikely to be included in the update.

In terms of balances, Riot has been tweaking Maokai’s kit to make him viable again. From the new changes though, he might just become a new support laner than return to the jungle.

Riot also recently revealed the inclusion of in-game jungle timers. Instead of noting down timers on all objectives, Riot will be giving you automated ones that will reset as long as you have vision of the objective. Personally I’m not in favor of this, and which screams out Riot’s habit of making their game easier for new players.

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