GTA V’s Debut Trailer Re-Created by Fans in Real Life and It’s Awesome

By   /   Jul 1, 2014

GTA V after its release has received some great homemade videos, but this new one made by a Spanish film company Zapruder Pictures surpasses them all, as they re-create GTA V’s debut trailer in real time city of Madrid.

The video looks absolutely stunning and the way creators managed to do it scene by scene is just amazing.

Madrid and Los Angeles apparently has a lot more in common than you would expect, as not only characters, but buildings, wind mills and ocean scene was quite similar to the one you witnessed in GTA V debut trailer.

Also, the plane scene, crops, mountains and music are very much the same and if you try to watch both videos side by side, there is a very little chance of finding any difference between them.

GTA V released almost two years after releasing this debut trailer in November of 2011, and within 24 hours of game’s release, it managed to gather more than $800 Million in revenues and got great reception from the critics due to its story, characters and its focus on Heists.

Even after nine months of the game’s release, it is still going from strength to strength and Rockstar Games revealed at E3 that GTA V will also be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC this fall.

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