Final Fantasy Artniks Dive Announced for Mobile Platforms

By   /   Jul 1, 2014

In a press release today, Japanese social networking and gaming company GREE announced that it is pairing up with Square Enix to launch a new Final Fantasy game for mobiles.

The free-to-play game, titled Final Fantasy Artniks Dive will launch in summer on Android and iOS and follows the same 2D style as old Final Fantasy titles.

Players will roam large open maps searching for materials, explore dungeons and fight monsters in turn-based battles in this mobile role playing game.

The game will also feature an all new cast of characters with specialization options allowing them to choose any of the franchise’s classic job classes. Artniks Dive will also feature weapon crafting and over 100 monsters that can be summoned.

To link the game to other Final Fantasy titles, there are easter eggs hidden throughout the world in the form of collectible card sets which players can gather. These cards will feature characters from other games like Firion from Final Fantasy 2 and Lightning from Final Fantasy 13 and many more.

Pre-registration of the game is open for Japanese players however, there is still no information whether the game will be released for the west or not, and if it does indeed become available will it be localized or only playable in Japanese.

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