Four New Titanfall Game Modes Discovered in the June Patch Script

By   /   Jul 1, 2014

We have all been having fun in Respawn Entertainment’s mech based shooter since March. However, it looks like the developers still have a few additions up their sleeves.

The latest update that the game received has hinted at new Titanfall game modes.

NeoGAF user RazorUK has toiled through the new script and text that accompanied the Titanfall June patch and has come up with at least four unannounced modes:

  • Titan Tag – no description but reminds me of Tekken Tag
  • Capture the Titan – you capture the titan and it to your base
  • Bodyguard – the only thing known to help describe it is the word ‘TITAN_ESCORT’
  • Big Brother – you attack and defend a control panel

Apart from the new Titanfall game modes, the user also listed two modes that have already been announced by the developer which are Wingman LTS (Last Titan Standing) – the last team with Titans wins – and Marked for Death where you will be tasked to kill the marked pilot.

Other information shared by the same source includes portions of text for some of the game modes in question.

For example Capture the Titan has ‘get your team’s Titan to the capture point’ and ‘don’t let enemy Titan reach the capture point’. While Big Brother has phrases like ‘you launched the virus’ or ‘hack the panel before it finishes’ or ‘the clock is ticking.’

Before you make up your mind for anything let us remind you that all this is currently a work in progress and Respawn might simply decide not to go ahead with any or all of these.

Nothing has been confirmed by the developers yet so let’s put all this under the heading of speculation. If all four of these new Titanfall game modes actually happen, which one will you be more excited about?

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