Battlefy Helps You Create League of Legends Tournaments Easily

By   /   Jul 1, 2014

If you have ever organized a tournament for the competitive gaming community of League of Legends or Dota 2, you would know how much of an ease it is if you have an automated system to manage the event. You would know names like Binary Beast, Multiplay and many others in this regard already and now we have another one. It’s called Battlefy and it does look promising.

The key features include creating a custom tournament with a defined set of rules, streams, prizes and links. While creating the tournament you can choose to follow single elimination, double elimination, round robin or Swiss tournament brackets – each comes with automatic seeding.

Moving on, there is a check-in feature that asks the available players to raise a signal that they are currently present. This helps you avoid the hassle of taking care of people who don’t show up because all those who are absent get eliminated in a single go and the tournament goes ahead with just the players who have checked-in.

For those organizers who already have a website, Battlefy lets you use embed codes from their tournament to share join buttons, brackets and team rosters on your website. These update automatically.

There is an in-app communications portal that you can use to email any or all of the players to notify them about latest announcements or news. There is a simpler score reporting system that lets players report their own score. Last but not the least; you get to overview the full roster of contestants laid out in from of you where you can easily match the suitable opponents.

League of Legends is just a single game that can make use of Battlefy, there will be tons of other games that you can create tournaments for using the platform.

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