4th of July Themed LittleBigPlanet Free Costume DLC Downloadable From July 3rd

By   /   Jul 1, 2014

4th July, American Independence Day is almost here and once again Little Big Planet’s Sackboy will be celebrating it with US citizens in his usual manner.

On July 3rd, players of Little Big Planet, Little Big Planet 2 and Little Big Planet Vita will be able to download a free DLC costume for Sackboy from PSN. The costume “Sacktue of Liberty” will transform Sackboy into none other than Lady Liberty herself.

The costume, which is only available for a week will transform the knitted protagonist into the Statue of Liberty with his own personal torch!

This isn’t the first time the Sacktue of Liberty has been made available for 4th July celebrations and let’s hope it isn’t the last time, because that costume looks one of the best costumes out there.

Since the puzzle platformer games series has a large emphasis on user generated content, developers Media Molecule have also announced new levels have been added to LittleBigNetwork’s Team Picks section, including a pair of levels created for the recent SackQuest design competition.

Since the series’ launch in 2008, Little Big Planet has spawned many sequels and spin offs. The upcoming installment, Little Big Planet 3 was announced during E3 2014 and is set to release in November on PS3 and PS4.

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