TERA’s Wounded World Update Set To Launch On 8th July, Adds New Dungeons And Items

By   /   Jun 30, 2014

Bluehole Studio’s free to play MMO; TERA is getting a major content update titled, Wounded World on Jul. 8, 2014.

The update adds 4 new dungeons to the game [or well, at least TERA’s equivalent of dungeons] filled with amazing encounters and subsequent loot for those who are successful.

The update also adds new PvE Archetype weapons, armors, and accessories as well as PvP Advantaged weapons, armors, and accessories. Both the PvE and PvP sets are with +12 enchantments.

The dungeons range from singleplayer/solo encounters and up to 10-man events, all available for free. These dungeons are, however, intended as end game content so only those players who are at level cap should be attempting them.

The solo dungeon, Ghillieglade will have players working on a rescue mission in ghilliedhus’ primal forest to Banyaka’s ward spirits and if they fail to do so, they will be forced to fight them later on. Successful completion will grant players Deathstain items and more.

Lakan’s Prison is a 5-man dungeon where the entire team will work together to counter Risalke’s plan to free Lakan, winning Cerulean accessories.

The Abscess is a 7-player surgical strike, somewhat similar to fighting waves of enemies and their leaders with Cerulean harrier accessories and items from the Rally set as completion rewards.

Rift’s Edge is 10-man Big Boss BAM Slam where players will be battling along one of the two paths available in a series of BAMs to reach the end goal. As expected this will probably be the toughest dungeon in the update filled with various bosses.

More details about the items and dungeons along with videos can be seen here.

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