Steam Reaches 8 Million Concurrent Users, DOTA 2 Being the Most Played Title

By   /   Jun 30, 2014

Valve’s Steam is the biggest gaming platform/DRM on PC and there is no arguing that, the 7 million concurrent user milestones it achieved in December 2013 is a proof of that. So while its new milestone might not be a surprise to PC gamers, it certainly is a huge accomplishment.

During the final day of Steam Summer Sale, the service managed to reach 8 million concurrent users! That’s a million user increase in just 6 months compared to the 0.4 million increase from 2012 to 2013.

A deeper look at the statistics shows Valve’s Dota 2 to be the most played game on Steam with over four and a half times as many players as Counter-strike: Global Offensive, the second place holder.

It’s no surprise that the third place holder is also a Valve title, Team Fortress 2. Other games in the top 10 most played list include Garry’s Mod, Borderlands 2, and Payday 2.

Steam certainly is leaping ahead in bounds when compared to other services like Origin and Uplay, and handsomely rewards its loyal users with various free titles as well as amazing discounts.

There was a time when Steam was hated universally due to its constant updates, DRM policies as well as a digital only approach since no one would be interested in digital games, right? Well these days, digital game copies seem to be all the rage and these Steam stats prove that.

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