The Sims 4: Paying Bills is Important!

By   /   Jun 30, 2014

A new dose of information for The Sims 4 has surfaced the web where we get to know more on how your Sims will be living busy lives.

It’s important that players keep on paying their utility bills on time. Failure to do so will find you without power, or water. If that does happen, your Sims will have a unique reaction to the situation. Also upkeep for expensive and lavish homes is going to be harder this time around.

Attics will be returning to the game and will work well with the new roofs. You can place windows and doors on the roofdrop walls, and you can add as many usable objects under the roof as you want, as long as there’s room.

Careers this time around have a progression system where players can earn rewards to add into your home. Your Sims will also use new Away Actions that will come in handy when they’re away from home. Away Actions include socializing with other Sims, building up skills, sleeping and meeting their ‘needs.’ Careers have their own set of work-relevant Away Actions as well.

Finally Maxis revealed that a total of eight Sims can be placed inside a single household.

The Sims 4 is coming to Windows on September 2, and Mac on an unannounced date. According to EA, the latest installment will feature characters with redefined characteristics, emotions, and ambitions which will deliver far better meaningful personalities than what fans have witnessed in previous installments.

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