Rumor: Game Arena For Xbox One Allows You to Create Challenges

By   /   Jun 30, 2014

Game Arena is supposedly a brand new feature that is said to be coming to the Xbox One soon.

According to, who was sent an off-screen photograph of the application by a tipster, Game Arena will be a way for players to set up their own challenges for their friends.

“Welcome to the Game Arena, where you and your friends can battle it out for distinction of being the ultimate gamer,” reads the description in the image. “Create and invite your friends to personalized battles and the Game Arena will determine the rightful winner by tracking key game statistics. With objectives available from your favourite games, you can play to your strengths and crush your opponents. Good luck warrior, the weak will be culled!”

Game statistics are already tracked by Xbox and you can browse through or compare them with your friends at your leisure. Game Arena looks to expand on that by allowing you to create your own trophies, and hence challenging your friends to achieve the task set.

The blurry image also leaks a new game called “Wildfire”, with a challenge set up to tally “Total trees put out”. Steam Greenlight currently has a game called Wildfire Worlds but there’s no confirmation if this is the same one or not.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce the said feature. Until they do, consider this a rumor at best.

Recently the company announced that they plan to bring Xbox One profiles and achievements, as well as other details of the respective users, on the official Xbox website by next week.

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