Price of Xbox One in China will be $800, Claims Retailer

By   /   Jun 30, 2014

Microsoft will be releasing Xbox One in mainland China in September, but will it be priced similar to what people in the west are accustomed to? There are doubts. To start off, there is a Chinese online retailer that put up a banner for the console. It shows that the price of the console in China will be $800! is an online electronics website that put up an image (see it below). On the image, they cited the Chinese website of Microsoft and claimed that the console will be priced at RMB 4999. This webpage is being cited by many of the Chinese websites but is currently inaccessible.

When converted into American Dollars, it will cost them $300 more than the full price in the United States.

As far as the current prices are concerned, Microsoft announced a Kinect-less version of the console that is priced at $399. In Japan, the Kinect and console together will cost $490, which is $9 less than the original price.

Just to put things in the context, this isn’t something new for the people of China. Other electronics also get hiked up prices in the region sometimes. For instance, the price of a 64GB iPhone 5 is currently $1109. This is around $300 more than its list price in the United States – coincident?

xbox one china

Set aside the fact that Xbox One is priced higher isn’t it surprising how many of the famous products are made in China but their people get comparatively higher prices usually?

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