Morph Shift Wars Demo Is Part Plane, Part Submarine

By   /   Jun 30, 2014

Indie project Morph Shift Wars has released a new demo for PC users. It’s a flight game with interchangeable elements.

Players in Morph Shift Wars can assemble their aircraft from scratch. Each segment will behave differently, making for unique vehicle builds.

Along with that aspect, flying through the air can be alternated with a dive into the depths of the ocean, which morphs the craft to a submarine. That’s where it gets its name, you see.

It’s a rather cheap trick, seeing as flight and underwater action look exactly the same, but it is a clever tool to make the game look more unique. Moreover, when submerged, vehicles emit light to see in the dark depths.

For the demo, Morph Shift Wars offers a total of four deathmatch maps for dogfights aplenty. There are also three missions that can be completed.

You’ll have a choice of aircrafts from either three pre-made options or three buildable vehicles. This comes with additional weapons and skins.

There are different views to oversee the action, from up close to more of a full body view. Visuals for the planes themselves are on point, though not everyone might be a fan of the generic environments below.

Morph Shift Wars comes with custom controls and Xbox 360 controller support, which is still not a given in PC games of 2014. It really isn’t, though we couldn’t tell you why that’s logical from a development point of view.

At the time of writing, demo v2.97 of Morph Shift Wars just got uploaded on IndieDB, awaiting approval to mark it as safe. Come back a little later if it’s not there yet.

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