Mighty No.9 Gets New Gameplay Footage and Tidbits About a New Character

By   /   Jun 30, 2014

Japanese Indie developer Comcept’s Kickstarter funded Mighty No.9 received a new gameplay video recently as well as some behind the scenes look at a possible upcoming new playable character.

Being developed for PC and all the old and new generation consoles including Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita, Mighty No.9 looks and plays a lot like Megaman. Gameplay is focused on 2D platforming where players can run, jump or shoot at enemies and acquire skills and weapons from defeated enemies.

The game will have a total of 8 levels apart from the intro. At the end of each level the protagonist, Beck, must battle one of the other eight “Mighty” numbers chosen in random order.

The other possible playable character is a female by the name of “Call” who will be available to play as or battle against at the end of a level.

According to the Kickstarter update, while Call may look similar to Beck in some ways, her abilities are very different.

Unlike Beck, she can’t do a crouch dash and will have to rely on crawling through areas which might even allow her to enter spaces like vents, something which Beck couldn’t do.

mighty no. 9

From the looks of it, Call might not be suited to go guns blazing into combat but she can compensate for that with her other skills and gadgets. Is that a jetpack on her back!

mighty no 9

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