H1Z1: New Video Talks Hunting and Bows and Arrows

By   /   Jun 30, 2014

Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming open-world zombie survival MMO H1Z1 is going to feature all sorts of weapons. Today two of the game’s designers shared with us an hour of gameplay, in which they discussed about hunting, and specifically the use of bows and arrows, to take down the undead.

Game designers Adam Clegg and Jimmy Whisenhunt stated that the game’s non-gun combat still is a bit rusty and needs a little tweaking before being finalized. The team is planning to include several new features in the future, including different types of arrows such as flaming and explosive.

Players missing their target can always find and pick up their arrows for use again. However, hitting a target breaks the arrow, making it unusable.

SOE also revealed that the game would allow players to go prone, as well take advantage of an auto-run command.

H1Z1 is being developed for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

At E3 earlier this month, Adam Clegg revealed that no one at Sony Online Entertainment is currently working on the H1Z1 PS4 version. The team is putting its entire focus on the PC version, at least for now.

“As far as the PS4 version is concerned we are actually concentrating on the PC release,” he said back then. “No one in the development team is working on the PS4 [version] and we are focused 100% on PC, for now.”

It’s possible that the team wants to go for an early beta release with the PC version and have the community helped them iron out bugs and glitches. This will make their job easier for the PS4 version.

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