Far Cry 4 Elephants Can Turn Into Suicide Bombers With C4

By   /   Jun 30, 2014

Recently, we saw how Tom Clancy’s The Division has this classy feature that recreates past events, now we have another unusual feature for you and this time it is Far Cry 4 that is bringing it. The developers have confirmed that you can actually turn elephants into suicide bombers in Far Cry 4.

The game’s creative director Alex Hutchinson was talking to Outside Xbox when he confirmed how the game will again have the typical elements of cruelty in it.

Suicide bombers and bomb blasts are a dark topic of today’s current affairs, and Far Cry 4 will make good use of them – just that it won’t be humans who explode themselves. Hutchinson explained how you could cut the brakes on your car, fill it up with C4 and let it roll down the enemies to explode.

You can explode it with a remote control detonator. He then explained that the same could be done with elephants.

Check out the whole interview above for more information on what Ubisoft Montreal will have in store for you when Far Cry 4 releases on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in November.

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