Fairy Fencer F In Europe On The Same Day As Ar NoSurge

By   /   Jun 30, 2014

Publisher NIS America will be bringing roleplaying game (RPG) Fairy Fencer F to Europe. Joystiq spotted that the additional localization had been put on the company’s site.

Previously, NIS America already revealed that the RPG would make it across from Japan to the US this year. Now, there’s a release date for all regions.

In North America, Fairy Fencer F will land on September 23, 2014 and Europe will get it a few days later on September 26. As several RPGs before it, this is a Playstation 3 exclusive.

Fairy Fencer F is your traditional Japanese RPG model. You have a bunch of colorful anime characters and they go on a valiant quest to save the world.

Deities play a big part in the game. Evildoers were once defeated with extremely powerful weapons, called Furies. Those who wield these items are called Fencers.

Therefore, a section of the customization will be directly related to growing out the power of the weapons themselves, aside from character progression. Combat happens in a free turn-based scheme, with characters on a separate plane moving within a circle to perform their actions upon their own turn.

Some actions can also be done together and come with elaborate cutscenes. Again, nothing out of the ordinary, but its light-hearted vibe should be entertaining for fans of the genre.

Along with the localization, Fairy Fencer F gets a snazzy limited edition, which comes with a soundtrack in a jewel case, a hardcore art book and a cute beanie. For North America, preorders for the collector’s item are up for $75, while Europe will need a few days to wait for the NIS America shop to open.

September 26 is going to be a day of choices for Japanese RPG fans. We also mentioned Ar noSurge will release on the say day.

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