Deep Down Beta Information To Be Revealed In July, Producer Apologizes For Delay

By   /   Jun 30, 2014

Capcom fans who have been waiting for quite a while for Deep Down were promised that news regarding the Beta access would be provided in June and so far there has been nothing.

With July about to begin, Deep Down Producer Kazunori Sugiura posted a couple of tweets in order to apologize for the lack of news. Of course, the tweets are in Japanese but according to the loose translation, Beta information will be revealed in July.

Sugiura apologizes to fans, claiming that no excuse could justify the delay. According to him, this time there are no developmental issues hindering the Beta instead, it’s the discussions with higher authorities over at Capcom to set policies for the beta test.

To calm down the somewhat angry crowd, Sugiura also attached an image of a dungeon in game among one of his tweets. Ironically, the dungeon is also themed after “Anger”.

The image also shows a new model of armor which hasn’t been seen before in earlier images or videos.

Deep Down

Deep Down is being developed by Capcom and SCE Japan Studios exclusively for PlayStation 4. Mainly the game functions as a singleplayer dungeon crawler, but has multiplayer elements as well. Players will be able to band together to take on various tough dungeons and bosses.

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