Analyst Predicts Destiny to Outsell Advanced Warfare and Hardline

By   /   Jun 30, 2014

A new report from an analyst based on video game pre-orders suggests that Activision’s upcoming action shooter Destiny will sell between 10 to 15 million copies worldwide.

The game, with its stunning visuals and RPG elements, will launch on September 9 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Provided that the projected figure is met, Destiny could rake in $600 million to $900 million in revenue. That would make it the top-selling game of the year, and make the publisher very happy since it has pumped in $500 million for the game’s production and marketing.

Those numbers would also mean that Destiny outsells the likes of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Battlefield: Hardline. Call of Duty titles have always proven to be very popular in the market, despite of the usual arguments over its monotonous yearly offerings.

According to the report by Cowen Research analyst Doug Creutz, Destiny has the highest Ordometer score of any game tracked over the past four years. In fact Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s current stats are comparable to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

As for EA’s upcoming Battlefield title, Creutz predicted that the game would most likely sell below expectations. It’s Ordometer score is comparable to the 2012’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It doesn’t even meet the last two Battlefield releases.

The Ordometer is based on U.S. video game orders before launch and sale results after launch. Data is measured weekly, beginning during the Electronic Entertainment Expo to the end of the year for both Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

via Venture Beat

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