Watch Dogs Multiplayer Undergoes Minor Changes, Details Inside

Despite of the fact that Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs turned out to be an extremely successful title, the game certainly had quite a rocky launch when looked at from a technical angle.

Progression losses, visual artifacts, hacking bugs and the overall visual quality not turning out to be what was originally showcased are just a few hiccups the game faced since launch.

The Multiplayer Mode, which is somewhat of a blend between GTA: Online and Dark Souls, fared no different with its general lagginess and the ‘Punishing’ score system.

To make the multiplayer experience more rewarding and to keep players interested, Ubisoft has changed the scoring policy for some game modes to make sure that people stay in a match till the end instead of quitting early.

Players will no longer incur Notoriety losses at the end of a game when invading someone or being invaded or during ctOS mobile challenges as long as they took part in the game.

If a player feels they won’t be able to find a hacker in time when being invaded, they have no reason to quit the game early since even if they do fail they will no longer lose Notoriety. The same goes for mobile challenges, as long as the player cleared a few checkpoints they have nothing to fear.

Have you had a chance to try out the Watch Dogs multiplayer experience yet? Do you think this move by Ubisoft is smart? Share your thoughts below.