Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Ether One is Headed to PlayStation 4

By   /   Jun 28, 2014

Ether One, the famous title that was released earlier this year for PC, is now making its way to PlayStation 4.

The developer behind the game, White Paper Games has announced via its weblog that the game will be upgraded from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4:

We’ve begun the process of transitioning all of our Ether One content from UE3 over to UE4. It’s a pretty big step for us to take and very exciting challenge but I hear you asking ‘what does this mean for us?’

Well, it means we have access to develop on a lot more platforms [Along with keeping up with technology]. It doesn’t mean that we’ll be releasing on all of them, but as you can imagine it’s opens up a lot of doors to get Ether One out to as many of you as we can [Did someone say PS4?]

Ether One upon its release on PC got fairly decent reception from critics, who appraised the game for its intriguing story and beautiful environments.

The game puts players in the shoes of a Restorer, who has a special kind of chair that allows him to enter the mind of Jean, a patient suffering from dementia.

The game is set in the big town of Pinwheel, and as you will progress through the game, you will find more information about the town’s history, which will help you get through the story.

So far, there is no information provided on how the PS4 port will be different from the PC version or when it will it be made available, but hopefully, developers will reveal everything really soon.

Source: White Paper Games.

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