Developers of Orcs Must Die Unchained Are Fine With “Toxic Players”

By   /   Jun 28, 2014

Almost every multiplayer game has a toxic community, players who spend more time raging in chat and criticizing other players rather than playing the game. And everyone hates such players right? Riot Games even bans professional players for bad behavior!

Well it seems Robot Entertainment doesn’t. In an interview with Polygon, the company’s designer Jerome K. Jones is off the view that such players help increase the longevity of games such as their upcoming Orcs Must Die Unchained since they just won’t “go away”.

“The good thing is probably that it’s a good game. It’s holding their interest, it’s keeping them around. It’s making them passionate enough to give a damn.”

According to him, these are the players which help drive the game and keep the community afloat since they are passionate about it. Jerome doesn’t consider such people as a bad influence; instead he thinks the best thing to do is to work with them in such a way which benefits the game.

Orcs Must Die! Unchained is currently in a closed beta and will be released on PC as a free-to-play title. Unlike previous games of the franchise, Unchained is not a tower defense game instead it works as a 5v5 somewhat MOBA experience.

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