The Banner Saga Adds 6 Languages, Balances Bellower

By   /   Jun 27, 2014

Fresh off publisher Versus Evil’s announcement to bring The Banner Saga to mobile devices, the Viking roleplaying game (RPG) has announced that it is now multilingual. These are the six languages available: German, French , Russian, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish.

Offering several languages was one of the game’s Kickstarter campaign goals. It’s taken a bit longer, but it’s finally here as well.

Most of The Banner Saga is done through text boxes, but there are the rare voice-overs during animated cutscenes. For those, subtitles will be turned on by default.

Additionally, The Banner Saga now comes with multiple save files, so you can play through a few games at once. In total, 5 save slots are added in the update.

If, like many of us, you’ve been struggling at a critical Bellower event in the game, you’ll be pleased to know that it has been balanced. During your stay in the city, the wounds of your party will be healed, because those damned archers sure do die quickly.

The Banner Saga plays a lot like a mythical version of The Oregon Trail with a lot more people. You manage a roaming caravan of citizens and warriors, as you’re assailed on all fronts by stone giants.

During your travels, you’ll come across several settlements trying to live in those tumultuous times. Random events aplenty will also ensure you’re entire party starves and slowly dies off.

It’s a depressing game, but that’s why it’s so good. There’s also a free-to-play version of The Banner Saga available on Steam that has just the intricate fighting bits.

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