Stealth Hack Game Clandestine Gets A Developer Diary

By   /   Jun 27, 2014

Developer Logic Artists has released its first developer diary for its new project, Clandestine. You’ll have to cope with some hollow sounds though, as the microphone seems to be a little far away from the person talking about the game’s setting and gameplay.

Clandestine is set in post-Soviet Russia, somewhere in the mid-nineties. After the end of the Cold War, world forces are still trying to spy on each other.

Therefore, they made a secret organization that will continue to spy where it shouldn’t be spying. In the game, you’ll be trying to make your way through some headquarters with guards, cameras and so on.

Two game modes are available in Clandestine. In the rooms themselves, you are a Spy and you skulk around, trying to stay undetected.

Aside from walking around semi-crouched, you’ll also be able to use some gadgets and perform takedowns, both non-lethal and lethal. To do so, you’ll have access to a few concealed weapons, like grenades and handguns.

You can also work remotely as a Hacker. In this mode, you go through networks in a 2D interface and try to stay unseen, lest you get booted off. That has its own stealth feel to it.

Gameplay will feature asymmetrical cooperative features, which means two people can take on each role individually, without playing at the same time.

Along with the developer diary, Logic Artists stated that Clandestine is now in Alpha status for PC. Then again, games stay in Alpha indefinitely sometimes, so that’s not necessarily a milestone.

This isn’t the company’s first project though. Prior to Clandestine, Logic Artists releases the excellent strategy title, Expeditions: Conquistador.

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