No Man’s Sky Dev Diary Reveals New Info About Game’s Origin & Gameplay

By   /   Jun 27, 2014

No Man’s Sky was the highlight of Sony’s E3 conference as it took creativity to a whole new level and now Sony has released a developer diary of the game, where game developer Sean Murray, discusses how the game came into being.

He started off by saying that the idea of what we are going to do in a game was pretty clear even before the guys made Hello Games Studio, and some people even called the idea of the game extremely childish.

“I heard somebody saying it’s like a pitch from a child. There will be a universe and you can go anywhere and there’s a ship and you can shoot lasers and all that kind of things. It’s like the most childish idea for a game in the world.”

“And it was really fueled by sci-fi as I’d always experienced it, which was books, books that I’d grown up with, like actual science fiction.”

The development on No Man’s Sky started almost one and a half year ago and was codenamed Project Skyscraper.

At the start of the game, every player will be given a space ship and they will start on the different planets with each of them having their own living breathing world.

Murray believes that most people will make it their objective to travel to center of the galaxy, which will not be an easy task as you will need to upgrade the ship, weapons, suit and will have cooperate with other players in the game.

No Man’s Sky will release exclusively on PlayStation 4 sometime next year.

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