Maid Game Sunset Wants $50,000 3D Model Kickstarer Goal

By   /   Jun 27, 2014

Kickstarter project Sunset has been doing quite well. We posted about it at the onset of the funding campaign and it was already about to pass its $25,000 goal then.

In the few days since, the indie game from developer Tale of Tales managed to go well over that line, but it wants more. Instead of pushing for incremental stretch goals though, the small enterprise has just one extra objective, set at $50,000.

If they manage to clear this amount, the team will hire some additional staff. Its primary desire is to bring back Laura Raines Smith for a full model rendition of Sunset protagonist Angela Burnes.

In Sunset, players personify a maid, who is tasked with cleaning the house of a South-American revolutionary, somewhere in the seventies. While most of the gameplay is set in first person, a 3D model would help illustrate just who Angela Burnes is.

The artist they want to put to work previously designed characters for the developer’s other projects, such as The Graveyard and The Path.

More money would also serve for more backstory with another writer on the team. Angela would create her own personal diary, detailing some experiences.

Reaching the stretch goal would further result in hiring another programmer for a better overall build and more concept art for inspiration. In all, there are quite some things to aggrandize the core experience, without really making the original project lesser than it was before.

To reach this additional goal, Sunset has 20 days to rake in $$9,000 more, as it currently stands at $41,087. We’ve seen a lot of higher goals being reached over that period of time, so this should definitely be doable.

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