Hyrule Warriors Adds Four New Characters

By   /   Jun 27, 2014

Nintendo has released a new batch of screenshots that reveal four new characters to make up the roster of Hyrule Warriors.

The characters in question are Lana, Agitha, Zant and Argorok.

As a witch, she has the powers to create different barriers to either deal damage or fend of enemy attacks. With high mobility she can quickly run through the battlefield to position herself and surprise enemies with her book of spells.

Crossing over from Twilight Princess, Agitha has power of different bugs who can be summoned at her will and follow her every command. They also help keep the area lit with their bright presence.

Utilizing two swords at once requires hard training, and perhaps that’s what has gotten to Zant, who is a crazed new enemy character. Besides his physical attacks, he can also use magic to surprise unsuspecting players.

The second new enemy character is fully stacked with armor and can use fire and wind attacks to deal huge bursts of damage to his foes. Despite his appearance, Argorok has high mobility and can quickly move around to dispose his enemies.

The addition of these four characters is just the start, as Nintendo continues on a path to grow the roster of Hyrule Warriors every month.

Earlier today, Nintendo revealed that it will be offering add-on costume packs for the game, which includes outfits inspired from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess that was released back in 2006. There will be three unique and different styles of costumes which will be included in separate Collector’s Editions; with Standard Edition containing three of the costumes, while the Premium Edition will include a Wisdom Set that comes with three additional costumes, and finally the Treasure Box Edition, which comes with above mentioned costumes and two new Power Outfits.

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