Gran Turismo 7 Is In Development, Says Series Designer

By   /   Jun 27, 2014

PlayStation exclusive racing franchise Gran Turismo latest iteration released in December last year and in a new statement, Polyphony Digital confirms that Gran Turismo 7 is under development.

In a statement to Eurogamer, game’s designer Kazunori Yamauchi said the company is working on a new title, but it is highly uncertain that it will release this year.

Currently, Polyphony Digital is hard at work in fixing the audio issues that players of Gran Turismo 6 are experiencing, and Yamauchi confirms that work on that and Gran Turismo 7 will keep going on side by side.

“I think the quality of the sounds in Gran Turismo 6 will be improved, but most of the work will be done in Gran Turismo 7.”

The racing games are made popular with the inclusion of real cars and GT franchise is no different, and Yamauchi confirms that ‘Polyphony will not throw away any standard cars.’

“I doubt that we’ll be throwing away the standard cars. Each car has its own fans. So I think we’ll hang on to the archive. In the meanwhile, some of those cars we may be able to make into Premium cars as they become available – but basically we’re more focused on increasing the number of premium cars.”

A number of updates are headed to GT 6 at the moment to fix numerous issues and add new cars. Hopefully, we will see a Gran Turismo 7 official announcement pretty soon.

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