Driveclub Music Will Be Off by Default, Videos Showing Weather to Come

By   /   Jun 27, 2014

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m one who doesn’t prefer excessively loud music while driving, unless of course it’s to annoy the cops. Driveclub game director Paul Rustchynsky seems to agree with me in this manner, as he’s been fighting out to have the music off by default in the PlayStation 4 exclusive racing sim, according to his interview on the Edge

Apparently, he seems to have won the race (pun intended), and Driveclub will let the roar of the engines and the splattering of the rain (in certain cases) be the music to the ears of the drivers. It’s a welcoming idea for some, but those who like loud music over the sweet sound of a turbo supercharger will only need to alter the settings from the options menu.

Paul (I’ll avoid writing down that complex last name) affirmed his success on his Twitter account by writing:

Already won. Off by default now : )

He also confirmed that DriveClub will feature rain drop sounds on the car windshield when playing in a first-person perspective – something that is strangely missing from most racing sims.

Paul has also promised more than one video showing off the variation in weather in the game, which should be interesting considering the heavy emphasis on the ambiance in this game. We’re guessing there will be separate videos for racing in rain and snow.

DriveClub will release this October for the PlayStation 4 exclusively, while the beta for the game will be launching in July.

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