Bragging War Thunder Gets A Guinness World Record Entry

By   /   Jun 27, 2014

Ok, we have to admit that War Thunder is a truly impressive free-to-play game and even amazes just as a game, period. It features some stunning visuals and swift airplane action, which it appended with ground forces recently.

That said, we’re pretty sure War Thunder is exaggerating, just a wee bit, when it comes to its cross-play prowess, which is also impressive. Here’s the quote from their E3 accolades statement, where the game showcased its OnLive connection:

OnLive, the leader in cloud gaming and a trusted partner of Gaijin Entertainment, showcased its amazing subscription based CloudLift service, which allows players to play their PC games on mobile devices using War Thunder. No other game at E3 2014 could say the same thing.

In fact, no other game in the world features as many platforms with true cross-play experience.

We’re pretty sure cross-play between PC, Playstation 4 and mobile devices is already a possibility or at least something is close to that notion. Still, the mobile streaming aspect is a genius implementation; we can give it that.

Where it isn’t exaggerating is that War Thunder is now officially in the Guinness World Records. It stands as the entry for Most Planes In a Flight Simulation game, with the statement:

The most planes in a flight simulation game is 303, and was achieved by Gaijin Entertainment (Russia) for the game War Thunder (Gaijin Entertainment, 2013), in Moscow, Russia, on 22 January 2013.

Does anyone else feel like these entries are oddly specific? Anyway, War Thunder will probably stay in that category for a while, as the game has climbed up to 345 planes since then. There are over 450 vehicles in total.

Currently, over 7 million players have registered for War Thunder.

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