In a Way, Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield are Similar, Says DICE

By   /   Jun 26, 2014

Battlefield games are first person shooters and Star Wars Battlefront is going to be a single player/ multiplayer online action game. Both the games are developed (being developed in case of Battlefront) by DICE. However, that is not the only similarity we have between them.

The general manager of Digital Illusions CE, Karl Magnus Troedsson was interviewed recently to talk about their upcoming games including Battlefield Hardline and Star Was Battlefront. This is where he was asked how important it was to differentiate between the two titles.

He said that although they took the same approach while creating any game in either series, the two still were such different franchises. He then went on to explain how the two still held similarities between them:

This [Star Wars Battlefront] is a different game, but historically going back the two games also share a lot of mechanics, because the original Battlefront games took some cues from Battlefield, I think we can say in a nice way. So naturally there are some nice overlaps of functionality and technology, with open landscapes etc. But from what the game is and the core mechanic, that doesn’t worry me that they’re going to be close.

That being said, he also shared how they have had access to the archives of Star Wars universe while hinting by way of not denying, that they also have access to Star Wars: Episode 7.

He also explained how they had to make room for the game’s development at DICE Stockholm by creating the new DICE LA Studio and moving the bulk work there. He said that the team now working on the game is very passionate and aim to deliver the best possible Star Wars experience.

How excited are you about Star Wars Battlefront?

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