Rust Getting A Complete Reboot To Give Players Smoother Experience

By   /   Jun 26, 2014

Open world survival games are getting a lot of attention now days and Rust is one the popular games in this genre.

However, developer behind the game Facepunch Studios has revealed that Rust will be getting a complete reboot in the near future.

Number of changes will be made to game’s world to completely overhaul the experience because the game that is available to play right is pretty “messy.”

In an interview with PCGamesN, game developer Garry Newman said:

We’re changing/updating pretty much everything as we re-implement it.

He continued on to say that a lot of work that was put in to the game didn’t have anything to do with game’s mechanics and that is why players are experiencing problems while playing it.

Moreover, the newer version of UI will be built in HTML. Here’s why:

HTML it’s really artist friendly, so shit gets done a lot faster. It renders in another thread, so it has no performance impact on the game at all. It’s a regular chromium web browser, so we can use a lot of existing technology like bootstrap, jquery and angularjs to make development faster. We’re hoping that people will be able to skin it using regular CSS.

In addition to that, other improvements will also be done to Rust so that the game will have more realistic feel and play more smoothly without causing any issues for the players.

So far, there is no word on when this reboot will happen, but it certainly is great step forward from the studio.

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