Plex Streaming Service Coming To Xbox One Really Soon

Plex is coming to Xbox One soon, as it was revealed through Flex Forums that a user with the help of ID@Xbox is going to bring it to the console later this year. The people behind the service wrote that the streaming service will come to the console with and without Kinect.

However, with Kinect there will a lot more stuff for users:

If you have Kinect you should be able to do more… much more…

Kinect should make for a better experience than is possible through a conventional media remote. It should let you do the things that presently require stand-alone apps like the Plex Phone apps to serve as your remote control, except be easier to use, be quicker to access, and have better accessibility for even the most simple tasks than a media remote.

In case you are unfamiliar with the Plex, you should know that it is basically a media playback system that contains really powerful servers and can be used to create your own library of music, photos, movies, TV shows and a more.

Currently, Plex is only available on PCs, mobile phones, tablets and some Smart TVs and its addition to Xbox One will certainly help both the users and company.

Our understanding is that Plex is currently receiving its final touches and will be released as beta for Xbox One really soon.

Source: Plex Forums