Planetside 2: New Update Adds Hossin Continent, Outfit Decals and More

By   /   Jun 26, 2014

Sony Online Entertainment’s free-to-play shooter Planetside 2 is finally getting the much awaited new continent Hossin in today’s update. The continent will have over 80 new bases for the three warring factions of the game to fight for.

The update also introduces a new feature called Continent Locking. A faction can lock a continent if they already have at least 94% of the area under their control or if they win an Alert. Locking down a continent grants the faction control over all the regions in the continent.

A maximum of 2 continents can be locked down at the same time and when a continent is locked, all players will be forced to redeploy to another one. When a new continent is locked, the oldest existing locked one is automatically unlocked and its warp-gates reset to default starting configuration.

For those who like to play with Outfits rather than being a lone wolf, some new addition and changes have been made to the Outfit system. A new recruiting system has been created to advertise or join Outfits.

Outfits can also have their unique Decals now which can be displayed on infantry as well as vehicles. If an Outfit captures a base by being the highest scorers among their faction when the attempt on the base is made, its Decal will also be displayed on that base.

A few other changes as well as a lot of bug fixes are also included in the update; all of which you can read here.

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